Redis Consulting and Operations

Due to recent demands in Redis consulting and operations, we’re now making this a stand-alone product.
Over the last years we designed, installed and operated many Redis instances. They we’re single or clustered, geo-diverse and had different purposes. Holding data from megabytes to multiple hundred gigabytes.
Now we want to provide support for Redis in general and not only on a per project basis.
If you have questions about Redis or related tools like Twemproxy, or you’re not sure how to do proper sharding just let us know!
We’re also offering an off-the-shelf operations service with fixed pricing and included hours per package.

Number of Instances Cluster support Included hours Additional hours Support Times Base fee (p.m.) Node fee (p.m.)
1 No 1 90 EUR/hr 8×5 599 EUR 399 EUR
2-5 No 5 90 EUR/hr 8×7 2499 EUR 749 EUR
6 – 10 Yes 10 90 EUR/hr 24×7 3999 EUR 549 EUR
10 and more Yes Contact us! Contact us! 24×7 Contact us! Contact us!

Contact us anytime at!