Effective abuse management requires fast recognition and resolution of any suspicious activities in a network operation.

For those who own their own DSL-, DOCSIS- or FTTx-infrastructure, we developed a special walled garden concept. Users infected by malware are automatically identified through their network traffic and will be redirected to a walled garden. This walled garden offers a secure environment which protects the user from further unwanted information flow. Instead, a self service portal can be accessed which offers the following options, that can be adjusted to your individual needs:

  • information about the type of the network connection abuse that occurred
  • remote support inquiry (screen sharing with a specialist from our help desk)
  • anti virus/spy/malware tools, both online and downloadable solutions
  • access to Microsoft, Apple and Linux update sources
  • contact details of our 24/7-hotline

In this way, further abuse of the concerning network connections is effectively prevented, you can avoid unpleasant and time-consuming complaint handling and contacting rrbone is quick – so we can take care of all further tasks.


For server hosters, cloud providers and enterprise customers, we also offer customised incident management. This can be done in cooperation with your security team if desired.

We not only take on the troubleshooting itself but also the communication with your customers. We can thus ensure that problems are solved quickly and your network is prevented from further impairments.

In addition to this rrbone also offers anomaly detection, intrusion detection and (D)DoS mitigation services – simply contact us!